Free Radicals Technology water treatment technology with no any chemicals. Free Radicals Technology (FRT. technology) is a revolutionary water treatment company that has designed, patented and is marketing a series of different electrochemical units. Free Radicals Technology is environmentally friendly as it uses only electricity; it is favourable by environmental agency, cost and safe effective.

FRT. technology has been developed to address industrial effluent, sewage, wastewater and water issues across a whole range of treatments, and is aimed primarily at niche market areas, where conventional chemical treatments are inadequate or incapable of fulfilling the role, and where CAPEX is cost prohibitive. Major findings arising from and revealed by the results of applications, trials and investigations conducted by us, has been that the FRT technology enables existing plant and equipment to operate at lower loadings / higher throughput, and greatly reduces, eliminates even, the need for chemicals such as microfloculant / coagulants, the FRT technology generating, as it does, the double actions of electro-coagulation and electro-precipitation.

FRT. technology is, broadly, concerned with the generation, in water to be treated, of free radicals, more particularly nascent oxygen, hydroxyl and perhydroxyl radicals. In any sewage, effluent wastewater or water there are certain concentration of chlorides ions, FRT convert these chlorides ions into chlorides radicals, that will trigger a chain reaction to produce highly reactive oxidants, i.e. ozone, hydrogen peroxides and chlorine dioxides, forming fields of countless highly reactive bubble, ranging in diameter between, say, 1 to 10 microns. The massive atmosphere, developed in the water, constitute an exceedingly powerful oxidizing filed. destroying, by oxidation, all organic material, including, in particular, such micro-organisms as bacteria (including legionella), viruses, and cysts coming within its field, all such material being reduced substantially to water and carbon dioxide. It has, moreover, the capability of eradicating biofilm, the layer of organic matter and micro-organisms to be found in a matrix commonly leading to the production of slime on surfaces in contact with the water, e.g. pipes, tanks, faucets, taps, shower heads, etc. Formation of biofilm plays an important role in harbouring and providing favourable nutrients conditions for the development of legionella and other bacteria. The action of the free radicals further causes agglomeration of any suspended solids particles, enabling these to freely settle out of effluent, sewage or water.

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